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Our Mission

Big League Impact is dedicated to creating VIP physical and digital experiences that unite fans with professional athletes, celebrities and musicians in an effort to raise money and awareness for effective organizations in the US and abroad.

Our Vision

We will continue to impact millions of people in need around the World if we continue to connect fans with people they admire, stay true to our mission that each experience is unique and continue to keep overhead low.

Effective Charities

We are passionate about funding effective charities. This means that we examine all sources to determine which existing charities are doing the best job of making impact with the dollars entrusted to them.

If you have an effective charity that you believe we should fund, let us know by sending an email to or give us a call at (510) 499-6609

To research effective charties around the globe and see some of the charities we support through the BLI Global Fund, visit: