Bring the Hope of Education to Thousands in Ferrier Village
May - Dec 2019
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Bring the Hope of Education to Thousands in Ferrier Village, Haiti

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Last year, Big League Impact players, their teammates and fans joined together to raise enough funds– $280,000–to build a badly needed secondary school in Ferrier Village, Haiti.

It is challenging enough to maintain the hope of having a career in Haiti. In the Ferrier region, the only hope for many is to be able to send their children to school. Until Ferrier High School was built, that education ended at 7th grade. Thanks to the efforts of the wonderful players and fans in Minnesota, the dream of completing 12 grades and going to college will be possible for the thousands of children in the region.

Opening in September of 2019, Ferrier High School will be the only high school within a 20 mile radius of Ferrier Village.



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Ferrier Village, Haiti
12% funded

Fund the 2019-20 School Year

The first year funds will help get the necessary supplies that the children will need to thrive in this brand new learning environment. This will also cover staff salaries and help keep the school secure.

Ferrier Village Haiti
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Fund year Two of Ferrier High School

The administrators of Ferrier High School have big plans top make this school a shining light in Haiti. Not only will these funds help run the school (Staff, security, food, uniforms), it will help this school thrive!

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