Clean Water for Thousands in Uganda
Jul - Dec 2018
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BLISD 2018: Join Austin Hedges and Provide 5,000 Ugandans with clean water for 25 years

San Diego Padres catcher Austin Hedges is a global ambassador for Wells of Life, an organization that provides access to clean, sustainable drinking water for the rural communities of Uganda. He is committed to furthering their vision of a world where access to clean water is no longer an obstacle to living a healthy and productive life.



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Uganda, Africa
78% funded

Drill Five Wells in 2018

One child dies every hour from sanitation-related diseases in Uganda, and 75% of all diseases are caused by the lack of clean water. 67% of people in the Mubende district don't have access to it. Each well provides clean water for 1,000 people for 25 years – resulting in a 50% reduction in infant mortality rate, increased primary school attendance, decreased miles to walk to get water, and increased time at home for mothers. 100% of funds go only to drilling, maintaining, and repairing wells.

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