Together We Will All Make

In 2015, Big League Impact held events in eight cities, and has now gone over the $1 million dollar mark in funds raised.


All of the BLI chapter leaders agreed that we needed to do something about the water crisis in Flint Michigan. The more research we did, the more we discovered that as awareness wains for the issues in Flint, the support also decreases. We also found that there are an estimated 2000 households that have, either, no access to relief efforts or have no idea that the water they are drinking is poisonous. So, in Big League Impact fashion, we have created a way for us to have some fun and make an impact in Flint Michigan.

Even if you cannot afford to make a financial donation or don’t want to fill out a bracket, maybe you know someone who will. Please click the icons and share the copy below. If you would like to create your own post please use the hashtag #ImpactFlint

Join @JForsett, @UncleCharlie50, @Max_Scherzer and @BigLeagueImpact in an effort to #ImpactFlint

It has been amazing to see people around the country unite to bring awareness to this great cause. Nobody in our country should be poisoned because they do not have clean water, and to think that 100,000 people have been exposed to this in a concentrated area is unimaginable. Let’s do something about this. Let’s have a Big League Impact in Flint!

Effective Charities

We are passionate about funding effective charities. This means that we examine all sources to determine which existing charities are doing the best job of making impact with the dollars entrusted to them.

If you have an effective charity that you believe we should fund, let us know by sending an email to [email protected]

To research effective charties around the globe and see some of the charities we support through the BLI Global Fund, visit: